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Welcome back guys it’s been a long since I haven’t blogged so this one is about everything. So as you see I’ve got better in writing.

So the most popular blog post I did was the opposite time and I had got 13 comments!!!! That’s a lot. In my comments I’ve got people that would say there opinion and say like none of my favorites are there and comments I liked the most is that like they say “ì really like the post you did“ but that would make me happy.

My first Ever post was the opposite time. My favorite post was the top 3 favorite hockey players. One day we had a random post to do and I thought I have no imagination so when it was close to Christmas I waited or thought about what we do every year. My longest post I’ve ever done was the Halloween or the blog audit. I hate that you had to do a post that you had to do because it wasn’t my favorite but I have like 3 favorite posts and there is my top 3 favorite hockey players, my top 5 favorite youtubers and the clash of clans. The post that I didn’t really like was the blog audit because there was so much things to talk about like how you liked it etc. I don’t think I have a lot of imagination because I talk a lot about real stuff that’s happening or what I like. In my first ever all about me I was going to talk about real or fake and I think I had wrote one but never post it on my blog. If I can create my own blog site it would be called phoenix gags because I’m a youtuber and if you want to go check it out here’s the link to my channel

I do all kind of stuff. I will give you a minute to think about who inspired me 1.2.3 and g g g go . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . and the winner is John Cena ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! No just kidding its Roman Atwood here’s the link to his channel. And my friend has a channel is and he does some cool stuff to.

I thing you guys would do is agree with my post. So this is an important thing I should tell you so when you first start like after summer you forget all the rich words for writing and then it gets hard but what my parents do is that on the weekend they give me like 3 verbs to do and its really easy and math and French and all that stuff. So when I come back to school I’m ready.

So this is the end of my longest blog post ever so hope you enjoyed if not oh well, bye21382642325_7a87b8de10





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What Is Success?

Well success is something that everybody is good at unless you don’t believe in yourself. I believe in myself sometimes because let’s say I do a backflip on a skateboard which is very dangerous and I would do it when I can do a backflip on a trampoline with my friend showing me how to do a backflip.

Success can mean lots of things like passing a grade, graduating and many more but a little too much so one of them is accomplishing something you maxresdefaultwanted to do in your life like get the job you wanted. And one more to go and this one is about a sport like let’s say you wanted the player to go where you wanted them to go but you didn’t tell them and they went to the right place where you wanted them to go and they went there and you passed it to them and they shot and scored.

Lack of success is when your super sad because you didn’t get the job and that’s how you don’t succeed but you had tried for another one and you made it you had just succeeded the job well done and that’s what is success is.

And one more little thing it could be like if you hoped you got 100 percent in a test that you wanted to get super good and later on you get your test and you get 100 percent.

To succeed you need to try try and try until you get it. And work hard and act nice.

Would you like to succeed or fail?


stop-diesel-pollutionIt’s probably more important than anything in the world. Because it’s not good for the earth. Like we should pollute less. Like once my friend didn’t care to walk to the garbage and throw out his thrash so he left it out on the ground and a random guy said pick it up so then my friend said why and then the guy screamed PICK IT UP so my friend picked it up and the guy said thank you in a nice voice.

And later on while we were walking we found trash so my friend pick it up and put it in the garbage.

And if we were never throwing thrash out it would evolve and would get dirty and mostly stinky.

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Challenge 4

Today I learned how to install a widget. So if you want to see what are widgets well you can see at the bottom of your screen and if you see a map with red dots that’s  a widget and that circle that says Student Blogging 2016 Challenge.

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